Virginia’s gift of Native Healing Jewelweed. HEALS poison oak, ivy and well, TO ME, SO MUCH MORE!

Instant pain relief. Inststant itch relief! This has been my experience for me and my experience using the ointment/salve on my kids every day stubbed toes, scratches and boo boos!

now available on! I am very proud to bring this native jewel to my customers from all over the local area I live in, the weeds local (for me) state of VA, all my customers in our beautiful country and even abroad!

Please click below to learn more! Or just google

#jewelweed and enjoy all the articles! A forgotten native amazing weed used, of course, by our amazing Native American brothers and sisters! Thank you Mother Earth! Thank you All Creator for gifting us with this beautiful and healing weed

forgive us for not always being the stewards of the earth YOU called us to be

Suzanne Whetsel