First Blog Post!

So, Hey my first blog!  Wow!  Well today was a big day for me and CS Soapery.   I was given a business license from the city of Staunton for a home business license.   I will admit I have not blogged before now because I thought to myself “what if I don’t get it?”  Nothing is easy in VA I have discover,  so I errored on the side of caution.   Waited.   Waited.  Waited..   Til I felt confident Staunton ,Va would actually give this a consideration.   


So I will be blogging more as to my experiences as I continue to make creative,unique, earth clay and essential oil soaps and products.   I hope u will follow me on this journey!  Every batch is different,unique and special.   So, come along the journey!    A discovery of creation, self, and healing.   It fun. It’s awesome soap and body products!   It’s self discovery for each and every one of us.   So, I invite you to hop on for the journey.  Fun, silly, learning times await!  And super awesome Artisian Soaps that are both Healing and cleansing.  

and here we go....

Suzanne Whetsel