South Africian Rooibos Tea soap

South Africian Rooibos Tea soap


This has suddenly become a big favorite! With both men and women. South African Rooibos Tea with strong exfoliant of Rooibos Tea. Made with cider barrel scent, Patchouli, aniseed (think black licorice scent) and Wintergreen essential oils.

Extra exfoliating…Suggested use directly on feet or rough skin areas. Otherwise,Rub into washcloth for body. Do not rub on body. Made with coconut creame base.

One of my favs! Ask me why I love Rooibos Tea! Supernatural healing elements on body or by Tea drinking! I can get you some. I drink it everyday and have been for over 25 years! Ask me why it’s so special!

i will be making a non exfoliating Rooibos Tea very soon as well! I Just love it! Awesome for body and face and feet and rough hands!

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