My Roots: 

 I am from California and have been living in the beautiful staunton area of Virginia for about 10 years now.   I will always be californian at heart and being an artisian  soap maker is a deep part of my roots that keep me connected to the west, which has a deep and interesting history of soap making.  I am from the central coast of California which is rich with vaquero (cowboy) history. I love western history of the vaqueros, their gentle way way with horses and how folks lived off the land.  Cattle were a great value and resource to folks and used In many ways.  Talo (fat of the cow) was a rich and important part of life.  It was used to make candles, oil for lamps and soap.

 I learned how to make soap from one of my closest friends of 35 years. when I went home to visit in the summer of 2015 I got to watch her make soap. I came back and was determined to learn this craft.  After wasting about 3 gallons of olive oil in failed batches, we had a facetime teaching session and its been success ever since. Well, most of the time! Sometimes my creativity creates interesting experiments. I Laugh, learn and move on! I started gifting my soaps.

2016 was a pivital year in my life.  Two elements changed my life. AT THE EARLY START OF 2016 I STARTED GETTING REQUESTS FOR ORDERS FOR MY SOAP AND MY HOBBY BEGAN TO TRANSITION. Then At the end of 2016 My world was shaken when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. As a single mom with 7 and 5 yr old kiddos who are my joy, the air I breathe, I was determined to fight for my life.  Late 2016 to early 2017 I had a hysterectomy with a complicated recovery.  For weeks I could hardly do anything.  I fell into a deep depression. as soon as I could, I started making loads of soap! I could not bend or lift but i could move side to side and i did!  As fall aproached, i was invited to do my first festival and the rest is history.  Cancer free and now turning my soaps into a real business! I couldnt be more excited and full of life! i have much gratitude for my healing soaps and how they were a part of my healing journey. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my soaps and body products with you!