Earth Clay and Powders

Earth Based Artisian Soaps and Body Products...Here’s what make CS Soapery products different and unique...

  • All of my soaps Are made using an old recipe using the “Cold Process Method”.  IT TAKES ANYWHERE FROM 2 TO 4 WEEKS FOR THE SOAP TO CURE (dry and harden)

  • All of the ingredients in my soaps and products Are Earth based. For my soaps I use the same recipe, just differnt kinds of milks such as, Cow, Goat and Coconut (for a vegan alternative).The Full fat milk comes from a local dairy, Mountain View Farms in Fairfield VA. I use virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil as well as grapeseed, AVOCADO, jojoba and more. 

  • I have over 40 Essential oils from around the world that are sustainably destiled and some are organic.

  • I use earth clays such as BENTONITE, French Clay, activated charcoal, rose clay, indigo and Alkanet Root Powder for color and design.

  • Earth CLay and powders have detoxifying, moisturizing, firming and healing poperties. 

  •   I also make lip balms, facial masks, body oils, Massage oil blends, essential oil roller blends, and Body butters